What if a bunch of witches, pagans, mystics, and misfits made an oracle?


Life is not always about love and light.
It's not necessarily about spiritual transcendence of the flesh.
It's not strictly about becoming beautiful, pure, maidenly, or virtuous.

Sometimes, life is about survival, gritty reality,
delicious naughtiness, radical action, and wild abandon.

 Yet, to look at many oracle decks, you might feel like
you can't relate to what is being depicted there.

A group of witches, artists, misfits, radicals,
queers, mystics, revolutionaries, 
and sage femmes are making...

The Unvirtuous Oracle

...and you're invited. 

We want to feature badass warrior goddesses in REAL armor,
CEO mermaids with money tucked into their scales,
riotous unicorns wearing combat boots,
avenging angels who smoke weed,
and unseelie faeries in poly relationships that are really healthy and stable.

We want to feature the art and messages YOU have from your real, unapologetic life.

Let's do it OUR WAY, with panache and jazz hands.

And let's never apologize for being WITCHES.

Are you curious? Get involved!



Are you a visual artist, graphic designer, collage queen, vision-board-maker, photographer, or cartoonist?
Want to contribute a card to The Unvirtuous Oracle?

Apply here


Want to learn more about The Unvirtuous Oracle,
its project managers, its origins, its beneficiaries,
the timeline of creation, and how to get one? 

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